About Us

UGwriters, founded in 2015, is the biggest network of writers in Uganda. Our organization is dedicated to promoting writers, especially young and upcoming new writers in the craft of writing and in the marketing of their work.

Which Best Describes You?

  • I am an established writer who wants to network with other professionals.
  • I have always dreamed of being an author, but I haven't navigated the rough seas to publication.
  • I write for my own pleasure.
Regardless of your ambitions and goals, you will find like-minded writers.

Our Mission

The UGwriters community exists...

  • To assist and encourage upcoming new writers
  • To unite for mutual benefit, promote and sponsor creative educational activities for writers, lecturers, artists, and composers;
  • To train members to write and develop their aesthetic creative talents;
  • To present open forums for discussion on topics of importance to those interested in the advancement of the arts;
  • To promote advancement of literary art throughout the region and provide an atmosphere for more intimate acquaintance among the members with the work of established writers.