Stories by ugwriter - (55)

  • Knowing John
    There must have been a first time that we met since a warm wash of familiarity would rain over me every time I saw him. I was so sure that I knew him from somewhere that the sense of sharing a past life became the only possible answer
  • Judy’s Christmas Present
    Judy held open the door to the sitting room and watched Dad carefully place the pot with the green fir tree, in the open space where it stood each Christmas. “Come on, Sam”, Judy called to her younger brother, “let’s help Dad decorate the tree.”
  • Journey of the Heart
    There has to be something more; some purpose to this life. Andrea pondered the thought as she stared up at the stars outside her bedroom window, her eyes losing focus. Her soul felt hollow—a bottomless pit of confusion, loneliness, and fear.
  • Joseph, Joseph
    When my mother died, I finally went home for a year. I had been a successful musician and music critic for more than 40 years and enjoyed a decent measure of success. As a musician, lot of what is inside is often revealed,
  • It’s Unfortunate To Have Met You
    My feet carry me across the pavement, and I stop and stare as the canvas of brown and red unfolds before me. There are dozens of dilapidated vehicles littered around the highway and it is a horrible sight to behold.
  • It’s All Fun and Games Until…
    In the ’80s, I remember sneaking in late after my parents were fast asleep. The midnight curfew given with the understanding I could stay out until 12:45 if I were the driver 12:30ish if being dropped off. As the youngest of five,
  • It Was Fate or Something…
    It wasn’t just a chance meeting. There was no way. Looking back to that day, there had to be something bigger. Or, maybe it was just all my dreams falling into place at the right time.
  • In Black and White
    I stare at the picture of Flash and Mom, sitting outside by the mail box on our street. It’s spring time, and Mom’s lilac bushes are in bloom. I can smell their fragrance even from the black and white photograph.
  • In A Name
    Aaron. Adam. Aiden. Alistair. Ooh, Alistair. Maybe Alistair. Allen. I grew up with an Allen. He stuck his gum in Beth Carmichael’s hair during history class once, and she had to shave her head right before homecoming. This one time, Mrs.
  • I Swear It
    A cage. She was in a cage. Her gaze landed upon the voice that woke her. It belonged to a man sitting in his own private prison a few feet from her; he looked at her with a mixture of caution and sympathy.
  • Helpless
    I’ve been working for Doctor Norman since I graduated from high school a few months ago. It was my turn to close down the office for the day. The waiting room was empty, the window-blinds closed, and Dr. Norman was just finishing up
  • Hello Again
    It has a way of calling to her, the sea. When in close proximity to the salty air and sun bleached sand Emma would find herself drawn there by the briny scent and constant shifting of the tides. Memories of a far off place...
  • He Watches
    I know he’s found something the moment he gets home. The door slams shut and he races up to me as his bag hits the floor with a dull thunk. I look up and the pages of my book whisper closed. “What is it, Dennis?” I ask, eyebrows creased.
  • Haunted
    The dream felt real. The type of dream that could reach and touch a soul, where reality fades away, and there is nothing left but the subject of the dream. A woman, a beautiful young woman with long silky black hair, sitting ...
  • Gnarled
    Rumors of bad things happening in backwoods were far more attractive to a bored college student than keg parties. At least, that was how Ben felt as he stomped through the woods, the wild grin on his face and the adrenaline pumping through...
  • Full Size
    If you’re not pretty, you can be interesting. Mama said all the time. She was not Five feet, two inches tall and weighed 250 pounds. I do, Gertrude thought aloud. I did get the braids, she thought.
  • Flukes
    The mellow light of the night lamp was soothing, and the rain was making me sleepy. Suddenly a message popped up: Hey, wanna come see a movie at a friend’s house?
  • Flowers and Traditions
    Taryn left daisies this time, four perfect flowers tied together and tucked between the thick covers of one of the hundreds of books in the shop. She browsed for a bit longer, wondering if she should leave yet another gift;
  • Flaws and Flames
    This isn’t the way Devotion Day was supposed to end. Elijah and I were to submit a request to Provider, an unpleasant and labored Devotion, but one that would change our future. I was admitted easily, many Flaws are.
  • First Meetings and Later Scenes
    “This is my sister, Carrie”, said Stephen turning half around from the steering to look into the backseat. “Carrie, Marty” he said gesturing from his sister to his friend. “She’s at State”, he added. Marty had just climbed into the back of the...
  • First Meetings
    A Chinese saying goes like this,” If not fated, you are strangers when you meet. If fated, a thousand li is not too far to travel.” “Hi Phoenix, you sound depressed,” Henry messaged on BosomPal. “Are you OK? We have our own
  • Extraordinary Measures
    Dr. Al-Hashani is standing at the foot of my mother’s bed. By the clock on the wall, I see it is 6:04 AM. Beside it are a variety of “prompts” – a calendar with a cartoon pumpkin and the word OCTOBER, a flip chart saying “Today is…
  • Exhibit C
    Exhibit C, State of Western Europe v Minkin [2140]: permission to enter granted on the grounds it places the accused in the vicinity of Professor Lanisquot’s laboratory on the days prior to the attack.
  • Escape
    “I don’t believe in ghosts; I don’t believe in ghosts.” Corina was a quivering ball on the hardwood floor, knees tucked under her chin, fingers securely plugged over her ears and eyes shut tightly against the world.
  • Discovered
    Caleb watched the ant meander through the sympathy cards. He imagined it was as lost as he felt; the small creature weaved around and in the folded paper only to find dead-ends giving it no choice but to scurry out.
  • Death’s Sting
    Death is a curious thing. At times, our mortality seems too far away to worry about, but when it suddenly looms over you, you realize how important your life and the people in it were. It makes you stop and think if you did enough.
  • Damaged
    I slept. Sometimes it felt like days at a time. I had nightmares of being awake while the humans explored my insides, of my body being taken apart, of never ending pain. And I had dreams where I saw Fenrir. He would come to me in visions and tell...
  • Crossroads
    The lights flickered above me. The night was getting late and so was the train. Nobody was loitering around the platform anymore except for me and a homeless man on the far side of the station. My eyes were fixated on the floor, but ...
  • Cracks in the Glass
    ‘Unraveling in ten…nine…eight….’ Hayden’s deep, gravely voice bounced around Ellen’s head without really registering. She was too focused on the view beyond her cracked visor to notice anything else. The crack was a reminder.
  • Cooking Troll for Two
    You always hear people say that everything slows down during an adrenaline rush. That’s not really true. Nothing is slowing down; your brain is just cramming more information into the time and space that it has available. Believe me,