5 Ways to Start Your Story
How to start a story

Some say starting something is the hardest part—whether it be a workout routine or a piece of art. And really, putting our pens to paper is one of the most difficult things we have to do as writers. We have our story-line all thought out, but how do we begin?

These five tips will help you put the hardest part behind you and start your story:

  1. Imply an opposite. Show a routine about to be upset, pattern to be disrupted.

  2. Establish setting. Focus on the tone and situation to ground your reader in the setting in those early paragraphs.

  3. Introduce the main character or narrator. Who is she? What is she wearing? Where is she coming from?

  4. Create mystery and suspense. In other words, treat the narrative like a bound thing made up of woven macramé that is about to be loosened and laid out.  Dun dun!

  5. State the theme. Use imagery, metaphors or similes to convey something.  Imply what the narrative is about, but don’t announce it.

Begin another way. There are endless ways to start a memoir, novel, or other narrative! Don’t feel limited to these five.

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