It wasn’t just a chance meeting. There was no way. Looking back to that day, there had to be something bigger. Or, maybe it was just all my dreams falling into place at the right time.


It Was Fate or Something…

It wasn’t just a chance meeting. There was no way. Looking back to that day, there had to be something bigger. Or, maybe it was just all my dreams falling into place at the right time.

She was beautiful. Deep eyes full of crazy, but good crazy. A laugh so intoxicating, it made me weak. I wasn’t looking for anyone. I was looking for her. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind we wouldn’t end up together and yet, it seemed like a beautifully painful vision replaying every second of every day.

She sat with a group of friends near the corner of the bar. I sat alone on a rusty old stool, too focused on my phone to give off a hint of sadness. My first week here wasn’t going how I had predicted and that full weight of the decision to leave everything behind to come here was resting heavily on my shoulders and my bank account.

I didn’t know she was there. Honestly, I didn’t know anyone was there. Then I heard it. This laughter ringing through the air. The laughter I’d fallen in love with, bringing back memories of those nights before I really knew myself. I turned my head towards the sound and there she was; dressed all in black with her long, blond hair draped over her right shoulder, framing her face and those adorable little dimples.

It might’ve been the whiskey, but I knew I had to do something to get close to her, so I sent her a drink. That’s where my plan ended and I had no idea how to proceed. Do I turn around and give her a wink and a wave like in the movies? Do I act uninterested? Awkwardly, I fumbled with my phone on the bar, eventually dropping it on the ground. I hopped off the stool to grab it, and I as I stood up, there she was. Her smell was intoxicating and was just so close.  

“Hello”, she said in my ear, sending chills up my spine. “Thanks for the drink. Care to join us?” My heart jumped to my throat and though all of me was fighting off the urge to confess my love right there, I said I’d love to and followed her to the table.

I don’t remember a great deal of what happened in the bar after that. Great conversations and witty lines were part of the scene I’m sure. One thing I do know is everything around me stopped whenever those eyes locked with mine from across the table. It’s weird to think how the night before, I was sitting alone eating old pasta over my sink, and now I am sitting with the one person who could really help me and understand me.

With the final last call shout, we all stumbled out of the bar in a fit of drunken giggles. The evening of bliss was over. We all said good night and promised to do it again, knowing that with the way life in the city goes, it was unlikely. I started walking towards my apartment just a few blocks away, when I heard someone yell my name and I felt a hand on my back.

“I’ll walk you home”, she said, and off we went. What should’ve been a five minute walk turned into a three hour affair. We walked and talked and giggled as we told each other stories of our childhood, lost loves, dreams, or anything else to make each other laugh. As we walked, it was like there was a special feeling following us. That calmness you get just before sunrise, when the world is still quiet and everything seems possible.

We ended up on the stoop of my three story building, I standing one step higher so we were the same height. She pulled me in for a tight embrace, so tight I felt every worry and fear about coming here fall right off me. I pulled back from her and grabbed her hand, pulling her behind me up the stairs. As we shut the door behind us, the rising sun poured in, signaling a new day for the city and a new world for the two of us.

Story by: Erin


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