The following excerpt is derived from an imaginary mock trial. It is only the last part of the trial where lawyers from both the prosecution and defense are required to present their closing arguments before the court.


Fast forward, Desire faces the Jury

The following excerpt is derived from an imaginary mock trial. It is only the last part of the trial where lawyers from both the prosecution and defense are required to present their closing arguments before the court. The case is about a lawsuit brought against a popular Ugandan Diva called Desire Luzinda who had her nude pictures leaked to social media. The prosecution argues that such immorality is unacceptable and therefore court should find her liable. On the other hand the Defense argues that the release of her pictures was a total violation of her privacy and breach of trust. Both parties are addressing an imaginary judge who is YOU, the reader. Therefore you are required to deliver your honest/impartial judgment after reading the excerpt. 


(He walks majestically from his seat to the center of the court room, fastens his court button. He clears his throat and begins in a very confident tone) When Desire's pictures went viral on social media everybody condemned her, of course being a mother of an eight-year old child she could not imagine looking her in the eye again. Her daughter, family, funs, plus that ambitious young woman who is looking up to her as a role model have all lost trust in her. Your honor, this incident is really traumatizing. When she was interviewed on BBC about this eye-watering incident, she made a statement that still echoes in my mind; "we all have our moments of madness". 

Your honor, the truth is we all have our moments of madness. In fact, most scientists have concluded that all human beings are mad but it's only the level of madness that differs. 

Your honor, if you don't mind me asking; have you ever been in your room alone? Of course you have but just remember the stupid things you have done whilst there. For example some people fart aloud just to find pleasure in the sound from a part of their body that is not their mouth; others dance to the music while naked, others make funny faces in their mirror, you name it. The point is,your honor, that people do all sorts of things while they are in the perimeters of their privacy. Lovers while enjoying their privacy also do these things in their private moments. 

Your honor, the truth is that women do a lot to please their men. She did this just to please her man. She never at any one moment expected her man to betray her to this level and leak her pictures into the public domain. What breaks my heart is that instead of pointing the guns at the buffoon of an ex lover who breached her trust we are instead pointing them at the victim. 

Your honor, look at what has happened to our beloved news anchor whose video was recently uploaded on social media. Are we safe? Of course no one is right now. But instead of condemning the people who have made it a job to run down people's reputation, we are instead adding insult to injury by blaming the victims. 

Your honor, no one is safe. Not even you. There are many people who would wish to seat where you are presiding over such high profile cases. They can bribe your maid with millions of shillings and use her to install a camera in your bedroom and then seduce you intothe act and the next morning you will not be our honorable judge anymore. Such cameras could be installed in guesthouses where prominent people in our country go to have their private moments. Now who is safe? And let us not forget that the right to privacy is enshrined in our constitution. 

If this court does not shift the blame to the malicious man whose intention was to see my client going to the dogs, this court would be sending a very bad message to the public. A message that "THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY IS NOLONGER RESPECTED" 


Your honor, the issue here is a question of morality. It is so absurd to hear a long speech from my learned colleague without the mention of the word MORALITY. Your honor, those of us who have children will tell you that morality is one of the most important values that we try so hard to inculcate in our young ones. I strongly believe that none of us in our society can approve of such a gross act of immorality. Not even the defense counsel who is here trying to hoodwink us into believing that it is okay to have such pictures taken. 

For God's sake, what was she thinking? She has a daughter! How on earth will she look her in the eye again? Or is she going to seat her down and tell her "My daughter, I was just in a moment of madness". This girl could face all sorts of teasing and insults from her peers. Such an experience can be too traumatizing for a child. Should we just shrug our shoulders and say it's okay since she was in her moment of "madness". I am so disgusted! I just cannot stand such people who make the world believe that women are nothing but just sex object since that is what these pictures portray. 

Defense counsel has just alluded to the incident of the so-called beloved news anchor. This is shameful since the media serves to inform, entertain and above all educate. So if media is to protect its reputation, morality ought to be every media house's core value. Regardless of her privacy being violated, her being a married woman and sleeping with another man is enough to find her legally responsible for her discraceful acts.

The society depicted by these women is not the society I would want to see my children grow up into and I bet neither would any one of you in this courtroom. 

Ladies and gentlemen present at this trial, the annoying truth is that some celebrities do it on purpose to attract the attention of the public and also make money out of it. Just remember what this socialite called Zari did a few weeks to her white party. She had her sex video release on social media just to attract people's attention to attend her party. 

I am even persuaded to believe that Desire leaked her own pictures on social media. It could not have been a coincidence after the incident she released a new song expressing that she has got a talent of course inferring to her nudity. Look at her; her shows are now being filled to capacity, her fame is skyrocketing thanks to her pictures. Let us ask us one question; is this an acceptable way to look for fame? Your honor let it be the power of this court to punish her for what she did.


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