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  • Damaged
    I slept. Sometimes it felt like days at a time. I had nightmares of being awake while the humans explored my insides, of my body being taken apart, of never ending pain. And I had dreams where I saw Fenrir. He would come to me in visions and tell...
  • Crossroads
    The lights flickered above me. The night was getting late and so was the train. Nobody was loitering around the platform anymore except for me and a homeless man on the far side of the station. My eyes were fixated on the floor, but ...
  • Cracks in the Glass
    ‘Unraveling in ten…nine…eight….’ Hayden’s deep, gravely voice bounced around Ellen’s head without really registering. She was too focused on the view beyond her cracked visor to notice anything else. The crack was a reminder.
  • Cooking Troll for Two
    You always hear people say that everything slows down during an adrenaline rush. That’s not really true. Nothing is slowing down; your brain is just cramming more information into the time and space that it has available. Believe me,
  • Collide
    The force of the water pouring down from the sky throws off her center of gravity and Rebecca struggles to keep her feet inside her shoes as the soles slide against the wet pavement. Water from puddles slaps against her bare knees and ankles as ...
  • Cimmyr
    Lela Iscar, an elderly woman, has set up a bed and breakfast business on the estate on which she lives in Kansas. Running it keeps her busy and she loves welcoming the travelers who come through Wyandotte County on the great voyage.
  • Church Girl
    Without warning, temptation blew into the office of the Main Street Baptist Church. It was like a tornado, unpreventable and unstoppable. This natural catastrophe was an “Act of God.” Mary was not ready. Her resistance was low.
  • Choices
    I blink. The angle of the light streaming in from the window is low. The usual murmur of the traffic from the street just outside my bedroom hits me like a hammer. My head is pounding. There is an overwhelming stench in the room. I groan as I roll ..
  • Chérie
    I knowed her before her awakenin’ when she was dreamin’ ‘bout comin’ out though I never did uncover the sadness she kept secret. What little I can tell you I found out in bits and pieces when Chérie felt like talkin’, an’ after she left when I went..
  • Cannons of the Northwest
    Otto spent his entire life studying the cannons that guarded the border of the Northwest. They were the only remnants that his people kept from the revolution. He learned how they worked and how they moved. All those years around the cannons...
  • Can I Borrow Your Notes?
    Larry Hartford hadn’t been in class for a week, he had a test in two days, and he needed someone’s notes, fast. He opened the door to Room 214, Dr. Charles Deffenbaugh’s Introduction to Archaeology class. No matter how early Larry came,
  • Caesar
    It had been another fruitless day. She had lost count of the times she had bussed this route to look for him. She had known him for less than 24 hours a year ago, this man to whom she had felt a deep connection, and now longed to see again.
  • Broken Pieces
    Kari pushed the swing to go higher, closed her eyes and threw her head back, her legs straight out and she could not hold back what felt like happiness and smiled. As the swing slowly came back down, the smile went away.
  • Borders
    The edge of the world. That was the only name I could think to call it. I looked to my left and right where in both directions stretched a barely perceptible wall that separated the brink of this mountain top from the sky beyond and the valley below.
  • Bigger on the Inside
    I blink. Where am I? I squint through the thick, damp fog to see in the distance. Nothing. The stillness in the air frightens me, like something could jump out at any moment. I shiver and wrap my bathrobe tighter around my body.
  • Beyond the Veil
    A shaggy-haired teenager with a skateboard in his hand leaned against a lamppost, waiting for the crosswalk to change colors. Observing the boy, Isley kept hidden out of sight, drinking from a flask when her phone buzzed. Emily lit the screen.
  • Between the Aisles
    Thirty-seven steps. Maggie counted thirty-seven steps from her parking spot to the door of the grocery store. Odd numbers gave her anxiety, but she was about to be in her happy place so she shook it off. A long time ago Maggie decided to ...
  • Beneath the Moon Tower
    Dottie clattered up the front walk, a swarm of children, floral housedress and neighborhood gossip aimed straight for the screen door. Claudia wasn’t expecting her, but Dottie was a summer thunderstorm; you could sense her arrival before seeing her
  • Assisting His Destiny
    She entered the bar and stiffened as her eyes fell on him. What was he doing here? This was her spot before it was his, in fact, he would have never known about this place if it hadn’t been for her and yet, here he was front and center,
  • Anyone Who Had a Heart
    That manic,sterile contraption by the side of my bed will bring them all running. That all seeing contraption that is supposed to be a lifeline – that’s just too funny. That omniscient contraption won’t keep It away from me.
  • A Victorian House of my Own
    Melvin Clark Cross, –or just Mickey Cross as everybody knew him, was tired. He had spent the last three days packing, moving his furniture, from his apartment. He had liked the apartment, close to his school where he was about to get his degree...
  • A Stroll in the Park
    Charlotte checked the mirror one last time before leaving her apartment. She had put on black skinny jeans, her favorite pair of black boots, and a black spaghetti strap tank top; she also had on a bright red jacket to break up the solidity of ...
  • A Stranger Meeting
    I wake to the loud bang of gunfire. Jumping instinctively out of bed, ducking low across the hardwood floor. I peer slowly over the heating vent down to the street three stories below. The shooting seems to have stopped for now,
  • A New Road
    Jones flicked a finger at the pewter tankard, producing a dull ring. A flurry of bubbles shot up from the side of the mug, meeting the thinning head on the surface. He hadn’t been born before the Change, but in the twenty years since,
  • A New Friend
    Tim was a rather small man, beaten down by the world on his shoulders and knees in particular. If the brittle 39-year-old had one secret talent, besides blending in like faded wall paper, it was that he somehow managed to make...
  • A Hatred of Shadows
    I hate shadows. It always feels like something is watching me. More than shadows, I hate these new street lights. The city thinks they’re saving money by replacing all of the old style bulbs with new, bright white LEDs.
  • A Good Day
    Today it was a good day, after several months of not been able to feed his family, Jean Pierre is going to receive a payment of 30 silver coins, he could feel the heavy of them in his hand while he waited for the soldiers who were coming to ....
  • A Gift
    Daniel lay limp on the gurney as it raced down the corridor. The lights above him sped past like headlights on a highway. His body felt cold and limp. Daniel was unsure of his surroundings and his eyes became heavy and he…
  • A Genuine Shame
    Comstock shook beads of rain from his jacket and tipped his hat. The young man walked into the diner, fidgeting every step he took. Comstock took a deep breath and watched it disappear as vapor in the air. The diner stood lit like a Tarantino movie.
  • Fast forward, Desire faces the Jury
    The following excerpt is derived from an imaginary mock trial. It is only the last part of the trial where lawyers from both the prosecution and defense are required to present their closing arguments before the court.

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